C                                  Amin

So many people walkin’ down my street

                C                             Amin

And they all seem to dress in black

                      C                                               Amin

They’re not preachers or cowboys, so my best

                                 D                        G

Guess is that they’re running with the pack


   F                             C

I miss the days when folks got high

        F                             C

And dressed like gypsies too

                              F            C

Everybody looked different, purple


Green, brown, red, yellow, blue


             C                      Amin

It didn’t matter whether you fit in

        C                     Amin

Or if anybody knew you

               C                          Amin

We were all just folks back then

                D                                        G

Learning how to make out and make do


       F                            C

The world was far from perfect

          F                    C

But it made no difference

                  F                      C

There was so much talent walking around


We could fix it just by using common sense


                  C                                     F

Now we’re going back to Black and White

             G                                          C

Getting rich is what people dream about at night

                    F                          G

I hope they all wake up in the early morning light

                C                           C

And start dancing, and start dancing


Start dancing and singing and thinking

About the world they used to share

When everybody wanted to find out

What it felt like to really care

Before machines separated us

Into the wheat and the chaff

Buried us deep inside the white bread

Blinded to our other half

We had a chance to stand on level ground

And stand on our own feet

Still there was no shame in asking for help

Or living on the street

You gave up a little but you got a lot

You found out about what to do and not

We found a rainbow to illuminate our ageless child

Turned it into a kaleidoscope and set it spinning wild

And we can’t go back to Black and White

Waste our time dreaming ‘bout getting rich at night

We can all wake up, in the early morning light

And start dancing, and start dancing


In our natures you can sense the need

To find our own true notes

When others find them first, there’s danger

We could end up in their boats

Across the seas they can transport us paralyzed

With fire sticks or hypnotized by fire box

To save space the cages are put in our minds, we get

Free keys but it’s a trick, they don’t fit the locks

If you call it a conspiracy

You’re right...but understand

It makes no difference if they change the song

If it’s played by the same old band

So it’s time to pick up your instruments

And turn off the radio

Music and life are not spectator sports

You’re not just here to watch the show

So we can say good-by to Black and White

Get some rest instead of dreaming about getting rich at night

Bounce right up at the first ray of the early morning light

And start dancing, and start dancing


We can still call the tune, though we’re on the road to ruin

We haven’t got there yet

We may have covered our ears, afraid to show our fears

But I’ll make you a little bet

When the horns come in, and the strings start to play

And the conductor lifts his baton

And the snare drum rolls, and the timpani too

And the cymbals, the bells and the gong

Now what this music needs is to bring on the reeds

The oboes, the saxes, clarinets

As the sound gets bigger and you realize

That this is as good as it gets

Then the whole darn band starts to rock that room

And the basses stir the bottom with their boom boom boom

Now the chorus and their harmony takes in one and all, We’ll

Knock down the walls between us SummerWinterSpring & Fall

So you can say good-by to Black and White

Stop repeating that same dream about getting rich at night

Cancel the wake-up call for the early morning light

And start dancing, and start dancing


So when the music finally stops

You realize you still can hum

You can whistle, tap your foot

You can even write a song

Or you discover you can teach yourself

For the first time to really listen

For the quiet sound of

Someone not gone long

You will treasure that moment, you will hold it fast

For all the time that you are here

You will measure the world in the steps it takes

To find the furthest and to make it what’s most near

And if you share this gift, it will make it even better

And this goes very deep

We’re in a paradox, and the more you give away

The more you get to keep

And that will be the end of all this Black and White

The last time your dreams will be filled up with getting rich at night

You won’t have to get up to meet the morning light

Cause you’ll be dancing, dancing, dancing through the night