Amin                      F

Outer space is, we are told

Amin                      F

Such a vast place and so cold

          Amin                      F                     Amin

And it puts out crackly noises and a hum


 Amin                            F

We’re not sure what it may mean

        F                                Amin

And just like some nocturnal dreams

         Amin                    F                        Amin

We interpret this, so we won’t feel dumb

C                           G                  

Space assigns us each a part

      A#                      F

It’s ordered chaos at the start, and to

 C                               G                                A#

Help us breathe, a touch of mountain greenery


   A#                                 G                                                                                   

If we ourselves wrote this odd play

              A#               F

We’d be heroes with monsters to slay

                            C                                G                     Amin     

How come the part we got was to play the scenery?

           Amin                                F                                         

I’m a telephone pole and it’s not just a role

               Amin                                          F 

But I’m  far more than a big wooden stick

                          Amin                                F

And now that we’re in the age of the satellite dish

              Amin                      F

I’m disappearing and it’s happening quick

      C                  G                   A#          F                

I’m just a lonely station on the old info highway

       C                   G               A#                          E 

An empty vessel helping people have their say, I’m a

C                    G                                 A#                     E

Sentry and I guard the fortunes of the modern Bells keep the

 C                              G                                  A#                        Amin

Shopping network going, the not quite bargains that it sells


I’m strung with lots of tight wire, like a manic town crier

Carry rumors, guesses, gossip, facts and lies

I don't care what you say, if it's free or you pay

Everyone out there comes in my size

And if a message is lost, in the great wastebasket tossed

Or if it should fall in the dirt

You think some one should get up to tighten the lines

After the meal, you know, you still want dessert


Would the world really change that much

If all the phones suddenly didn’t ring?

Words are so often forgotten

When they drift in on a wing

You might imagine that it's only a movie

Or it could be a long-running play

Please don’t be disappointed if it’s only a song

Or something somebody heard somebody say                                             


There’s a big global hush, but don’t believe me

You better put your ear to the ground

We are all listening now, and it’s so heard to hear

It is still a very very faint sound

Jungle telegraph drums are withholding their beat

Birds and insects are still, it’s not only the heat

People can’t stand the noise of all the useless machines

The complaining, the screaming, the terrible scenes


There’s so much pain we can’t stop, we can’t complain

If it’s part of life and it’s our fate

But what I don’t understand is, if it’s so hard to take

Why don’t we do more to lighten the weight?

If you figure it out, I hope you’ll let me know

I know I’d do the same for you

If you get a look at the real story

Or stumble across a clue                                   


Because far is near now, it is clear now

Distance is no longer real

Imagine the moon is a tangerine

Which we got the job to peel


It’s time to stop pretending

That it’s mostly made of pits and bitter rind

We know there’s plenty of sweet fruit to go around

We just have to unlearn how to be unkind


So what matters most when you add the columns up

Is the time you can figure still remains

No matter how you slice the rest, there is only one sure test

Say the smartest people with the biggest brains

Since nobody knows it all, has survived this rocky ball

Has left and called us back, said “not to worry”

You should savor every hour, relax and save your power

Reach out and re-connect us in a hurry


Well we’re back here at ground zero

And I for one am glad

There’s a spaceship warming up

About to leave it’s launching pad

This exhausting journey’s over

It will soon be all complete

We can return to deepest space

And rendezvous with our own fleet


Your world is such a gas

And we’ve had so much fun

But you’re heading into trouble now

And we’ve really got to run

So here’s one thought to leave you with

And please don’t take it wrong

We won’t be coming back this way too soon

You’re on your long

So long, so long