Em                                                     Am

The Paramilitary here in New York City wants ten walkers

            Em                           Am

Herded animals or cycles on a ride

                Em                  Em                  Am

To ask permission just like children for the use of their own     

                  Em                                           Am

Space, even though the Constitution’s on their side

              C                                          G

So if you want to live your life here on a human scale

                   D                                            C

You put your body in the stream with tons of wheels

                      C                                      G

Now you’re an enemy of waste, so you’re a foot soldier  

          D                                       C

In the army of the foes of armored steel


    F             C

If you’re the tenth sheep


You could lose a bale

              F                       C

Yeah I’m talking about the wool


They cover our eyes with

                  F                 C

But don’t become a lamb chop

          G                  G

Just because the top cop


Can’t stand the fact

        C          G

That you can see him


Welcome to the herd

I’m glad you made it here

You finally got off your ass and realized

That you’ve been paralyzed with fear


Yeah welcome to the herd

It feels good to be around your friends, now lets

Keep from being driven like a bunch of dumb beasts

To a place made up of nothing but dead ends


If you’re the tenth sheep

You could lose a bale

Yeah I’m talking about the wool

We cover our ears with


Don’t become a shish kabob

Because the Big Chief and his mob

Can’t stand the fact

That they can’t serve you…on skewers


I think we should be tearing up

The contract we never signed

The one where we promised to always act

Like we are totally deaf, dumb and blind


If you’re tired of all the tiptoeing around

Than you’re just like me

So let’s cut the bull, and stop being sheep

Like we’ve been down through history


If you’re the tenth sheep

You could lose a bale

Yeah I’m talking about the wool

They cover our minds with


Don’t become a prime filet

Cause Police Commissioner K

Is hungry …………………………

To prove…………………………


That its still 100%

Organic and grass-fed

Tender young and fresh

Cooked to perfection every time

Maybe the best you’ll ever find


That it’s just one course

At one of his fabulous

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

Fabulous Dinner-Dance Parties…..Bon Apetit